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Home movies offer a glimpse into how life was in the past.

I have saved hundreds of films obtained from flea markets, house clearances, and donations.

I spent years digitizing and restoring these films using the most advanced techniques, and now I want to share them with you.

A few years ago, I turned my passion for films and history into a project. I began supplying documentary productions with footage from my collection of historical home movies. Later, I created a YouTube channel that now has millions of views.

Despite receiving many complaints from viewers about my logo being in the middle of the screen, it was the only way to prevent unauthorized usage of my footage.

You can turn your smartphone, tablet, computer, or Smart TV into a DeLorean.

I bet you remember when....


These are actual comments to the video:

This was California at its best: in the early 1960s, a society that was open-minded but not crazy. Tom H. 

JFK in the White House, The Rifleman on TV, mom and dad alive and well. Wes McGee.

Just beautiful. Thank goodness that someone recorded this moment in time so that we can enjoy it as it was back then. klausvoor


My, my, it almost made me cry. I was 21 years old back then and I used to make deliveries in Manhattan, so hot in the summer and tunnels of freezing winds in winter, but I didn't care. I was young and could take it, reminiscing is sometimes good for me. Lucca

Thank God for video-capture devices, that's all i have to say. thatwasprettyneat

People just reading books and talking on the street... Omega Son


The problem with life is that you never know when the good times are, only when you look back can you see them. Travis Bickle

I'll give everything I have to go back to these years! Jean d'Audignac

I can spend hours looking at footage like this. 1London Witness

Wow I was 11 when this was filmed. This London is gone forever, cool seeing it again though. Col Fordham

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